Product categories

Products are divided in the quality categories PRO, ECONOMY and BASIC. The classification into individual categories serves for a better orientation in the offer of luminaires, their quality and the intended use.

Luminaires are divided into individual categories according to various factors (housing material, LEDs, power supply, luminaire efficiency and many others), which have a great impact on the lifetime of the luminaire and also the price.

These quality categories evaluate the technical specifications of the luminaires, not their design and appearance. When choosing a luminaire, it is important to know what you expect from the product.


label PRO

Category of luminaires of the highest quality. The luminaires are designed primarily for multi-shift / all-day operation (24/7), in which the need for quality lighting is almost doubled.
The luminaires are made of quality materials (aluminum and brand components). Their main advantage is high efficiency (minimum 120lm / W), long lifetime (min. 70.000h) and economical operation.
The investment in this category of luminaires is relatively higher, but thanks to great energy savings, it will return in a few years.



Category of luminaires with a good price / performance ratio. These are luminaires made of quality materials, which are designed primarily for offices and workshops.
Their advantage is sufficient efficiency (100 - 120lm / W) and average lifetime (min. 40.000h) in combination with an acceptable purchase price.


label BASIC

Category of luminaires for less demanding spaces (e.g. households). Their use is especially suitable in households or places illuminated for only a few hours a day.
Compared to other categories, they have a lower efficiency (up to 100lm / W) and shorter lifetime (min. 20.000h), which is balanced by a low purchase price.

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